Silver Shield – Your First Line of Defence
in a Modern World

Sliver Shield Liquid - 118ml

Silver Shied LiquicSilver Shield liquid with Aqua Sol Technology provides 18 ppm of silver that stays suspended in purified, deionised water.

Research indicates that colloidal silver deactivates the enzymes responsible for the metabolism and multiplication of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Nature’s Sunshine’s Silver Shield is safe and effective. Its fine particle size colloids ensure maximum efficiency. Just 1 teaspoon provides a full 90mcg (18ppm) of pure silver without heavy metal contamination. This product is completely non-toxic.

Silver Shield Liquid
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Sliver Shield Gel - 85g

Silver can be utilised in a number of different ways, it can be used to help promote recovery from a wide range of ailments. Nature's Sunshine's Silver Shield Gel provides 24ppm of bio available silver Silver Shield Geland is non-toxic.

  • Uses only the finest particle-size colloids to ensure maximum bio availability and efficiency.
  • Is completely non-toxic; causes no heavy metal contamination.
  • Helps to promote healthy skin with anti aging and moisturising qualities.

Silver Shield Gel is completely non-toxic, safe and fantastic; there is no risk of heavy metal contamination from using this product. This gel provides 24 ppm of pure, bio available silver. It is manufactured using a patented process (U.S. Patent No. 7,135,195) with strict quality control to verify atomic adsorption.

Silver Shield Gel
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Silver Shield is manufactured with Aqua Sol Technology, a technology that was granted its patent on Woman Drinking WaterNovember 14th, 2006. This is a new silver solution with a unique construction process, not to be confused with traditional colloidal silver or ionic silver.

The Patent

The patent covers a wide range of pathogens, including: *The remainder of this paragraph has been removed in order to comply with EU Regulations regarding medicinal claims.  *Site Admin!

How Does Silver Shield Work?

The encapsulated and supercharged nano-particles of Silver Shield have four primary mechanisms of action. The chemical composition is unique and manufactured to exacting standards. With each ion's shell missing two outer electrons, the supercharged silver rips electrons from the thin walled cell membranes of harmful bacteria. This ruptures the cells and caused their demise.

Secondly, Silver Shield has a unique resonance which disrupts and kills viruses, bacteria and yeasts. Silver Shields resonant frequency is in the similar range of that found in the blue germicidal lights that are often found in hospitals.

The third mechanism is the supercharged magnetic attraction, which binds and incapacitates the abnormal DNA of viruses in either direct or indirect contact of Silver Shields nano-particles.

The Fourth mechanism reacts upon the sugar coating used by cells for cellular communications that determine intercellular activity. The solution reacts positively with this sugar coating, which allows the silver to particle to enter abnormal cells and destroy the pathogens.

Silver Shield does not kill the good bacteria, or 'flora' found in the large intestines. It has the ability to distinguish between good and bad bacterium and does not accumulate within the body.

Silver – The Past, Present, and Future

Few metals are as precious as silver, soft, white, lustrous transition metal.  From the finest jewellery to the wiring in precision electronics, silver is a truly unique element.  But are you aware that silver's Sterling_Silver_Jewellerybecome a part of everyday life.  Many white goods are now impregnated with silver nano-particles, along with clothes that contain silver within their threads.  The reason for the use of silver in so many day to day objects is quite simple.  Silver has several rare properties, along with a few Washing_Machineunique ones.  For example, silver has the highest electrical conductivity of any element, and the highest thermal conductivity of any metal.  Another rare property is the metals ability to kill bacteria, mould, yeast and fungus, making it the natural choice as a permanent antibacterial agent in many goods.  We now have socks that never smell and fridges that are always clean, along with washing machines that can sterilise clothes without the use of chemicals.

Silver has been used as a medicine and preservative by many cultures throughout known history.  Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, wrote that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease Silver_Jugproperties.  Ancient civilizations used to store water, wine and vinegar in silver bottles to prevent spoiling.  In Asia, food is wrapped in silver foil to preserve its freshness.  The early American settlers used to place a silver dollar in a bucket of river water to make it safe to drink.  In the early 1900s people would put silver coins in milk bottles toSilver_Spoon prolong the milks freshness.  We have all heard the saying ‘born with a silver spoon in ones mouth’, which has much more to do with health that wealth.  A silver spoon placed in a newborns mouth was believed to protect against the plague.

Silver compounds were used to prevent infections in World War 1 before the advent of antibiotics.  Silver nitrate solution was a standard of care, but was largely replaced by silver sulfadiazine cream (SSD cream), for the antibacterial and antibiotic treatment of serious burns until the late 1990s.  Now, other options such as silver-coated dressings (activated silver dressings), are used in addition to SSD cream.

The 1920s saw Nobel Prize winning scientists develop ways of extracting particles of silver that could be suspended in a solution for human consumption.  These silver particles were relatively large and needed to be used in high concentrations to make this type of colloidal silver effective.  As we move forward to present day, a new form of silver solution called Silver Sol has been developed and patented by American Biotech Labs.  Silver Sol uses a unique manufacturing process that produces tiny nano-particles of pure silver with one less electron than standard colloidal silver.  These differences make a uniquely effective product that continues to kill viruses MRSA_Bugand bacteria with a catalytic effect, using only the tiniest amounts of silver, so being the safest and most effective silver solution for human consumption.

Studies have shown that Silver Sol can kill 99.5% of the MRSA bug within one hour.  The skin can be kept free of viruses and bacteria for up to four hours after just one application.  This new silver solution is such a valuable product that it has been stockpiled by the US as weapon against Bio-terrorism.

The future looks even better for silver.  If you were to search ‘medical uses of silver’ in your favourite search engine you will get close to 10,000,000 entries.

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