It all started when…

We met at our local Y and recognized our drive to improve the health of ourselves, our families and those around us.  Both of us have different professional backgrounds…a Database Analyst and a Banker! Like most individuals, we struggled with maintaining a balance between our busy lives, finding time for exercise, enjoying our favorite foods and managing a healthy weight. Amongst sharing many things in common, we realized that both of us are food lovers and must device a way in which we can continue to devour our relished foods while still feeling good from the inside.

As we only get older, we have to be smart about what we eat, how we eat,  how we move and how we think. Our customized workshops walk you through these lifetime essentials. We are passionate about educating and motivating people to believe in themselves to achieve their optimal state of wellness which is pretty simple and absolutely possible the happy 2 B healthy way.

We are a dedicated team of moms who feel very passionately about Nutrition and Fitness! We chose to pursue our health coaching certification from the world-renowned Dr. Sears Health Coach Institute and want to help everyone learn the right way of attaining and maintaining a physically-fit lifestyle with a balanced sustainable diet.

As Certified Health Coaches, we actively collaborate with other experts in the wellness industry to truly help people live longer happier lives. We always strive to learn more and since nutrition is a nascent emerging science, we follow up on new research to help people integrate long-lasting healthy habits into their life to see sustainable transformation.

Our mantra is - “Make Health Your Hobby ... The h2Bh Way”.

We believe in incorporating unprocessed real-food diet and a balanced approach towards fitness to attain longevity, strength, peace-of-mind and an active engaging lifestyle. Using Dr. Sears’ scientifically validated health principles and comprehensive lifestyle-changing guidelines, we help you realize that your body has a remarkable ability to begin healing and aging healthy. 

It is not just about the breakthroughs in medicine but more so about the simple choices we make in our daily lives – what we eat, how we mange stress, how many times we exercise, quality of our relationships, etc. – that help us stop, and in some cases even reverse, some chronic medical conditions.